This may seem strange, but I find public bathrooms very interesting. Not the gross dodgy ones in a pub somewhere, but rather the ones where people take great effort to make it convenient and nice for users. I tend to judge places by their bathrooms because you cna tell a lot from it.  So, you may see more reviews like this in future.

While the decor in the Vodaworld bathrooms (first floor) is terribly cutting edge, there is a little too much of the glass and mirrors effect for me. It’s a bright, clean totally non-dodgy bathroom, but still gives me the feeling of a carnival house of mirrors. At one stage, I got a fright because I saw myself out of the corner of my eye and thought it was someone I was about to bump into.

The decor consists of four main elements: glass, chrome/stainless steel, mirrors and white.  There is no colour there, and I kept worrying that I would walk into one of the walls.

It felt very stark and cold, like a very stylish hospital. There were many things I liked about Vodaworld, such as the parking, butI sometimes got the feeling that their designer was having a grand time until the budget wore thin and everyone sobered up.

The bathrooms stalls are also very narrow, with some (the stall I used certainly) having toilets dead centre, so they tried to squeeze a dustbin in the one side, barely smaller than the gap.

I’m not a petite girl, but I’m pretty normal and can fit in most places with ease. That’s why I got irritated when my thigh touched the side of the rubbish receptacle. I felt like Vodaworld was telling me to lose 10kgs.

Despite scoring high on cleanliness, I’m afraid Vodaworld suffers in the feel-good area.